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Marcus Svensson wins the Bristish Amateur Boys

Marcus Svensson wins the Bristish Amateur Boys

Marcus Svensson won the British Boys 2015, held today at Royal Birkdale its 89th Edition, near Liverpool. The Swedish born player, member of Real Club de Golf Guadalmina,  won 4/3 over the South Africa Lange Keegan.

Yesterday, in the quarterfinals, Guadalmina player defeated the Italian Guido Migliozzi 5/4 and, in the afternoon, eliminated the English Marco Penge 1 up in the semifinals.

For his part, South African Keegan of Lange came to the final after eliminating yesterday in the semifinals the Basque Borja Martín by 3/2.

Integrated in the list of Andalusian players , along with Marcus Svensson,they were the Sevillians Federated by the Real Club de Golf de Sevilla, Nacho Puente,  Gonzalo Leal and Pablo Heredia, and the player of El Candado, Gonzalo García - champion of Andalusia male 2015, Ángel Hidalgo, also Member of the Real Club de Golf Guadalmina; and the San Roque Club, Víctor Bjorlow  born Danish.

Of these, Marcus Svensson, Angel Hidalgo and Pablo Heredia were the three that passed the first part of the tournament and accessed to the final.


Well done Marcus , we are very proud of you!!!!


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