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All the bookings, minimum 3 players, have to be notified by fax or by e-mail, or by telephone 24 hours in advance directly to the Caddie Master 952 886 522 and after by fax .


For 2 players we only book one day in advance directly to the Caddy Master.


Download the Booking form.

No Show

Bookings not cancel with a minimum of 48 hours in advance, will be invoiced at the total amount of the agreed price.


All cancellations have to be notified by fax and they will not be effective until we reconfirmed it by fax .

Temporary Licenses (Spanish Golf Federation)

According to the Spanish Golf Federation, all players have to pay an amount of 2 Euros, this amount has to be paid by the client the day of the game directly to the Caddy Master.


This payment covers any damage that could cause the player to someone or to some object, as well as personal damages.


Will be permitted a maximum of 27 for gentlemen and 35 for ladies. Please inform yours clients, that they will have to travel provided with a handicap certificate or license, it will be required at the caddy  Master Office. (That will go in benefit of all the players).

Dress and etiquette code

To ensure that all players enjoy a pleasant round of golf at Guadalmina we would point out to you the following rules and etiquette,


  • Jeans and denim shorts are strictly forbidden
  • Gentlemen must wear shirts with sleeves and a collar
  • Ladies are allowed to wear sleeveless shirts providing they have a collar
  • Leggins are not allowed on the course
  • Mobile telephones are strictly forbidden on the course
  • Swimsuits are not allowed on the course

    General courtesy rules apply at all times on the course,  


    • Pitch marks, divots, bunkers...
    • We kindly request that all players behave properly on the course and observe the speed of the game by allowing faster players to play through

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