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Guadalminos around the world

Guadalminos around the world

Another weekend with the School spread throughout the national territory: 6th of the youngest in the Pequecircuito of Lauro Golf. 12 of them in La Cañada for the Barbésula Trophy and another 3 in El Prat with the expedition of the Andalusian Federation for the Barcelona Championship.


Top 10’s on all sites; bronze medal for Álvaro Mueller-Baumgart in Barcelona, ​​Rebeca Fernández finished in 4th position and Alejandra Sánchez de la Fuente was 5th (Barbésula), while in the Pequecircuito, the Guadalminos were classified as follows:


James Love – 3rd (Benjamin 8 years old or less)

Anna Maguire – 4th (Benjamin 11 & 12 years old)

José María Ordoñez Polo – 4th (Benjamin 9 & 10 years old)

Alejandra Ordoñez Polo - 4th (Benjamin 9 & 10 years odl)

Jaime Macias – 5th

Ivan Schultse – 6th


Next week we will have a wide representation (5 players) in Murcia for the Puntuable Nacional Under 16. Azahara Muñoz will be present at the ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open (LPGA Tour). And in Sevilla, Mario Garoz, Mateo Ruiz, Luis Mansilla Jiménez and José María de Retana, will play Campeonato de Sevilla at RC Pineda.


In the attached document you will find some pictures (Lauro Golf).

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