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Not even in our best dreams would we have wished for an end like the one that awaits us tomorrow

Not even in our best dreams would we have wished for an end like the one that awaits us tomorrow

The show don´t stop. Azahara and Carlota, Carlota and Azahara, are willing to make this 2017 Spanish Ladies Open the best ever. Both have signed 67 shots (-5) in the 3rd round to share the lead, finishing as a champions (Carlota birdies 16, 17 & 18 and Aza eagle 18), for enjoyment and enjoyment of the spectators.


Muñoz and Ciganda are followed by Georgia Hall and Lee-An Pace by 3 and 4 shots respectively. The next best-placed Spaniard is Natalia Escuriola, 5th  thanks to a fantastic 4 under. Noemi Jimenez remains in the Top 25.


Friends, cancel your family meals, buy popcorn and enjoy the show that our girls will give us tomorrow.




Leadearboard and tee times, below.

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